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Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Thought I'd post this on here as someone had asked me about it this week. Something I did ages ago and then forgot to post up. Might be useful if you need to replace your cam lobe or the complete fuel pump on your sP. This guide does not show how to swich over to new uprated internals, just the removal and refit of a pump unit.

If you have early generation fuel pump internals from any of the known manufacturers who supply internals designs and coating have changed in the last year or sothen I'd be preventative maintenance checking your cam follower at least at each service interval once you go beyond 20, miles with HPFP upgrade internals fitted. Supposedly the early pump internals have in some cases worn the internals of the pump housings. Whether this is down to the HPFP internal coatings being too hard for the pump, or design flaws of early units I do not know.

It's a catch 22 really, if you find yourself facing these issues and realise like I did that it's not just cold morning starts or catch can fumes, get your cam follower checked immediately. As it's hard to substantiate the extent of long to mid damage it could cause, and the cost if any damage may be very expensive to remedy.

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Be viligent and exercise caution when undertaking the checks as fuel is not just flammable! I don't need to tell you that you don't need to be changing the pump with a fag in your gob because you're all too bright for that, but for those that aren't it's been said.

A logical plan for laying out parts is useful as for any job. I just used some clumsy digits and a Halfords Professional Tool Box and I'm pleased to say the car still works after the change of pump. Unscrew the plastic schrader cap to reveal the bleed valve 6 Cap off, ready to bleed 7 get some cloths of a collector and bleed the vale. You need to remove the brass connector in the photo to get clear access to the rear fuel line 9 You now have access to the rear pipe 10 Now undo the torq screws can't remember if there are 3 or 4 of these 11 Photo kindly provided by Lewis as I forgot to photograph cam follower sat within the engine block!

Cam follower removed and all cleaned up! Shift all the tools and tat out of your bay, ensure you've refitted the schrader cap, and that you don't have any serious puddles of fuel anywhere. Once confirmed, go and start the car up and come back round the front of the bay to ensure you have no leaks.

May be worth after a couple of journeys just returning to the connectors and checking they don't need a slight tighten once they heated and cooled. I did an oil change, then used some Forte oil treatment to supplement and limit any further additional wear. Any questions fire away. I accept NO liability if you to this and feck it up! Last edited: Nov 17, DentyNov 17, Thought I'd better stick it in here as I'd forgotten to! It's now even enhanced with a cam follower shot in the engineso thanks to Lewis for that!

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audi cam follower recall

Audi 2. Did anyone else hear about this issue? Audi Canada won't fix it until it's the so called uncovered work is repaired. Man, just when I was getting close to going back to buying an Audi. Slapped harder and faster than Barney Stinsel got in "How I met your mother".

High Pressure Fuel Pump Failed Damaging Cams

I love Audis but stories like this scare me. How can a company extend a warranty on a part it has deemed faulty but not cover the damage that it caused? How did a failed fuel pump not even high pressure pump for direct-injection cause so much damage in the engine?

That's nothing my wife's friend's Audi burned down as soon as they pull into a service station. They were driving from Ottawa to Toronto then the check engine light came on. They saw smoke and pulled into a service station as soon as possible. When they stopped they could see a little flame from the engine bay. They ran like hell. The thing burned down, but not like completely charred like in the movies.

It was still under warranty so Audi actually came to the service station and towed it to the dealer in Toronto to fix it Fix a burnt car? Like any auto warranty when you file for a claim please provide your proof of the maintenance done to the vehicle. If you do not have it then you are SOL.

That was a known problem for the first release of the 2. Inthe redesigned some of the engine to get rid of some flaws. Buying a used car is always a gamble.

Stil, Audi should be covering the whole repair. Before buying a used car Few google searches might safe a lot of pain. A used 2. And range anxiety is an expensive problem Congrats to the Winners!Early Hpfp failure, cam follower and cam.

Replaced outside of Audi, cash out of pocket, and also did a full timing belt service with new everything, including timing chain tensioner per my mechanic. Audi tech said I was out of warranty. I later found out there was a recall prior to my issues, the tech had lied to me, and the cam, fuel pump and follower were warrantied tomiles. Later when I had catastrophic engine failure due to timing chain tensioner slippage, Audi said they would not cover it due to work being done outside of Audi.

Needless to say, I should check the internet for recalls more often and not trust any Authorized Service Center technicians. I never received a technical bulletin from Audi. Audi covered this manufacturer defect from but not for Modern engines should not have major failures at only 60, miles.

[EN] 2.0 FSi/TFSi High pressure fuel pump cam follower replacement

My 08 Audi A4 lost all power when driving home. Ever since it has been hard to start and won't run above RPM. Took it to the dealership and found out the cam-follower failed and damaged the camshaft.

The high pressure fuel pump was destroyed along with the housing. It really irritates the crap out of me that my model was not included on the extended warranty when the 07 model had the exact same problem. It seems many other people with 08 A4's have experienced the same problem, so obviously the new and improved part that went into the 08's was not a proper solution. I have had regularly scheduled service, but obviously this wasn't a problem that I could have avoided.

Help me out Audi, stand by your product and issue an extended warranty for the 08 Audi A4. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page.One of them is the B7-Generation Audi A4.

The B7 A4 was made between throughas it was basically just a heavy refresh of the B6-generation A4. It also still looks fresh, both outside and inside. So the steering is sharper, though it was starting to get numb with the B7-gen, and the suspension is in that sweet spot.

Under the hood, there are two engine options you can choose from on the used market in America. Or, you can opt for the 3. The powertrain of choice is the 2. A simple ECU tune, bigger turbo and upgraded downpipe can easily push hp, depending on the tune and turbo. The reason for the six-speed manual is quite obvious, as manuals are always better. But the manual in the B7 A4 is buttery smooth, with crisp action and a great clutch. If you get the 2. When buying a B7 A4, the miles are likely to be a bit high now that the car is about a decade old.

The only other real issue that needs to be watched out for, on the 2. It can wear quite quickly and when it does, it can lead to power loss, a check-engine light and a rough engine.

audi cam follower recall

If it breaks completely, it can lead to serious damage. So it should be replaced with every oil change, pretty religiously. Make sure you have the right tools before doing so and look to forums and DIYs before starting. I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet. Begin typing your search above and press return to search.

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audi cam follower recall

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Symptoms of a worn or bad Cam Follower. Thread starter 06vdubgti Start date Jun 21, Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Hey everyone, I have approx 77,KM's on my GTI and I was wondering if anyone would happen to know what some symptons would be if my follower was worn out How would the car run, idle or drive. I haven't checked the follower at all, the reason why i'm asking, is because recently i've noticed a alittle sputter during idle in the car, like a little shimmy shake here and there,while I'm driving it's perfectly fine, But as I'm sitting at a red light, or at the coffee shop waiting for friends, As I said, i can feel a shimmy shake in the car.

I don't get a flashing CEL, or anything like that. Anyone know why my car might be doing this, FYI, I run 94 octance all the time, and religiously do oil changes every 4,km to 5,km. Location Its not important Car s GTI. There are lots of threads on this if you search, and there is also a decent DIY check your follower thread on here or on vortex.

From what I remember its a fairly easy. I printed it the other day to have it done when I take my car in for the 64k DSG service, and I know I got it off of these forums somewhere, in a recent thread. I will see if I can dig it up for you.

Changing HPFP / cam follower on S3 8P

I guess it also depends on whether your dealer is mod friendly or not too. Lastly, the shimmy shaking I noticed this a few months ago on my GTI as well, particularly after a cold start while the car was warming up and idling.

I am convinced it was somehow tied to my PCV valve that was probably getting worn out or on the verge of failing original valve, 64k on the car. Might be worth looking into :thumbsup:. Leavens is awesome like that, they let you right into the shop and talk to the tech's while they work :thumbsup:.

Last edited: Jun 22, I'm just hitting 34k on stage I 06 model and I'm concerned about mine but no symptoms at all Slim 'sPEEd' junkie.

Location ft. I posted it above, but it seems that link is no longer working Anyone else having trouble using it? I should also note that from what I have read, dealerships might not perform this TSB unless the codes listed in the TSB are present when they scan your car Chris RT Banned.Your Message.

Great Service at Karmakanix. The early version of the 2. So think B for Timing Belt. The exhaust camshaft is driven by a timing belt on the pulley end of the motor, which also drives the water pump.

The intake camshaft is driven using a chain with a tensioner between the two camshafts on the transmission end of the cylinder head. That tensioner, particularly the upper plastic shoe, is a possible failure item. It is quite likely that the failure rate is a consequence the 10, mile oil change interval, and especially for those who drive even further without changing the engine oil.

In this earlier 2. The intake camshaft has an adjustable timing gear that operates electro-hydraulically. A solenoid directs engine oil pressure to the intake cam gear to advance or retard the intake cam timing as required. The exhaust cam timing is not adjustable. A first glance at a chain diagram may be confusing, since the engine has 3 distinct chain systems in 3 layers. The outer chain is just a short chain from the crankshaft down to the oil pump. The timing chain for the camshafts is in the middle.

The inner chain is for the two balance shafts, one of which drives the water pump using a tiny toothed rubber belt. VW and Audi 2. On these engines, there is an early version of a timing chain tensioner that may fail and collapse. The timing chain system may skip just one tooth, then the MIL Check Engine Light will come on and the engine will run poorly. The next time the engine is started or driven the cam may skip another tooth, and expensive damage occurs. Many times, the chain system will skip more than one tooth initially, in which case the damage will include a minimum of bent intake valves, and of course the engine will not run.

In most cases, a code for P Knock Sensor 1 Circuit High Input will be set as the quartz knock sensors pick up the loud clatter of pistons hitting valves. The early timing chain tensioner has a row of fine teeth across the top of the tensioner center shaft.Lewbo Oct 27, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies.

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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Picked it up today from Audi and fitted it tonight only to find it like this: I have compared it with the new one So fitted the new one and it felt so much smoother when I changed into 3rd gear ect this was the worst gear before. What I wanted to know is would this of caused any damage to my engine at all I have looked at the cams through the hole and seemed fine to me, No damage it anything.

audi cam follower recall

Would this of made my car slower also with the old follower Thanks. LewboOct 27, No scoring or grooves in the cam at all?

Buyer’s Guide: B7-Generation Audi A4

If not then it seems you are very lucky. LewisOct 27, I know I was gutted when I saw it, there where very tiny light marks on the cam nothing deep or anything like that, don't know how long it's been like that though, was very lucky that I just randomly decided to change it.

Thought it was strange when I went to bleed the valve of the HPFP and there was nothing there would this mean anything :s? Did you have the igntion on or drivers door open when you tried to bleed it?

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How much did the plunger cost you? I intend to strip mine at some point to check the condition. Can't believe the state of that! How many miles has it covered?